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MINISO, a Japanese designer brand, was run bay MINISO Industries Co., Ltd. in 2013 and entered the Chinese market in September of the same year. MINISO advocates the philosophy of simple, natural and quality life, and provides simple products of competitive price and quality for daily use. It is also the promoter of resource conservation and environmental protection and takes it as its aim to constantly provide rich range of products with high quality to consumers.

MINISO designs and manufactures authentic products of competitive prices while “competitive prices” means no compromise on quality and “authentic products” is its higher standards. Guided by such philosophy, MINISO constantly improves itself and chooses material from all over the world by massive global procurement, so as to offer safer and more reliable products for daily use at lower prices. 80% of the design in MINISO is from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and so on. We are confident that we can bring consumers with happiness in shopping and take it as our consistent goal to improve quality.

MINISO means not only a brand but also a lifestyle. It does not blindly follow fashion trends and think that popular brands should be expensive. In contrast, MINISO develops products from a forward-looking point of view, i.e. returns to the nature of products, offers authentic and affordable products, and meets people’s desire for quality life.

MINISO tries to improve the design of products while making sure that the prices are reasonable. We hope to serve as a compass and point towards the “basic and simple” direction, bringing global consumers with simple but practical products.